The life and works of Laurie Lee

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English literature fans and those who live in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire have probably read Laurie Lee’s work. It is definitely on the to read list of many people who have searched for Gloucester Park Homes such as and settled in the county.

Laurie was born in 1914 and died in 1997. He was born and raised in Slad and attended Central Boys’ School in Gloucestershire. His most popular works were autobiographical and included ‘Cider with Rosie’ which was published in 1959, ‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’ published in 1969 and ‘A Moment of War’ published in 1991.

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In ‘Cider with Rosie’ he discusses much of his childhood in the village of Slad. His second book looks at his travel to Spain and ultimately moving away from his childhood home to live in London and then his final book looks at his journey back to Spain and the part he took in the Republican International Brigades.

In 1950 Laurie Lee married Catherine Francesca Polge and the couple had a daughter Jessie. His books describe beautifully the county of Gloucestershire and the landscapes around the area that Laurie grew up in. If you haven’t read this trilogy yet add it to your 2020 reading list.

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