When Hades loses his temper

The character Hades from the Disney hit film Hercules is an oddly amusing and compelling character. With his side kicks Panic and Pain, he oozes a certain amount of gravitas. He is also the capable of launc hing himself into bouts of massive rage inducing rants at the world around him. The character Anger in the more recent Disney film inside out.

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One of the most memorable scenes is when panic and pain come to tell Hades that Hercules is still alive. Hades immediately loses his temper with red flames flying out the top of his head. In a bid to calm himself down he says, “I’m cool, I’m cool” and brushes down his fiery red hair which quickly turns into electric blue flames. You get the feeling that he would be the kind of guy that had you laughing down the pub (if you overlook the fact that he is the God of the Underworld), and he would make a great heating engineer with flames like that. Perhaps working on Exeter boiler for http://www.hprsouthwest.co.uk/exeter-boilers/

Despite this amusing side to his character just like any bad boy Hades has a dark side. He is the brother of Zeus and go the short straw off the Underworld. His other brother Poseidon got the sea, he wasn’t happy about that either but at least he was able to hang out in Mount Olympus until Hades who had to stay in the underworld just listening to the dead moaning all day long. Hade sis a schemer and wants to use the Titians he helped Zeus defeat back into the world so that he can take over. How he is going to defeat the Titans and take overall control is another matter.

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His sarcastic nature seems to have no limits with one notable scene having him stating “Memo to me, memo to me: maim you after my meeting.” Another is when Pain starts wearing Hercules merchandise, namely a pair of Air Herc sandals and Panic is drinking from a Hercules drinks cup. He loses it her more than at any other time. Hercules has just beaten one of his best monsters in a mammoth battle. Everything he sends at Hercules he ends up destroying.  He doesn’t need his loyal servants turning out for the other team. Hades knows who how to get to Hercules and take him out of the equation. It’s not through monsters it is through Meg, a pretty girl. This is the weakness that Hades was looking for. Now Hercules is in major trouble. For Hades the plan is just about to get  started..

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