Planning ahead for you company Christmas party 2016

No sooner has the 2015 Christmas season ended than companies will be deciding what sort of party or event they want to hold to celebrate Christmas in 2016. This could either be because 2015 party was disappointing or because it was so good that the party organisers want to make the next one even better. Here we have provided some tips on organising a Christmas party and highlighted some of the advantages of planning in advance.

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Advantages of early organisation

One of the main advantages of having plenty of notice and planning well in advance is that you will be able to have the pick of dates and venues, thereby sourcing the best deal for your organisation. With all companies endeavouring to save money and cut costs, anything that can be saved on what might be seen as a luxury event will be useful.

If you are a small organisation and have to choose a venue that you need to decorate yourself, early organising means you might be able to pick up some decorations in the post-Christmas sales. If you are a large organisation, it might be that you will decide to use an external company to organise the Christmas party, such as event companies in Dublin. External companies might be able to get even better deals on dates and venues.

Tips for organising the party

Most of the tips for organising a work Christmas party, whether you are doing it yourself or using a company such as Davis events agency, are common sense. If you intend to have a free bar, it is a good idea to restrict it to certain drinks and for a certain length of time. A recent survey found that one-quarter of people have regretted their behaviour at the work Christmas party, suggesting that unlimited free alcohol is never a good idea. This is reinforced by the 13% of respondents who admitted to drinking too much and passing out. Following on from this, you should ensure there is plenty of food to counteract the effects of people drinking too much alcohol even if you are not planning a sit-down meal.

The advantages of organising a Christmas party well in advance mean that your 2016 Christmas party should be the best ever!

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