Smart Phones Have Been Burnt Under The Pillow

Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone a device for charging during the night, but this young man, 13-year-old girl placed smart phone under her pillow, she is charging the phone, it is a normal routine. However, no casualties occurred in the North Texas. Phone’s owner. The smell of burnt breaks his sleep at night. At one point, she is able to find its location and have sighted pillowcase smart phone has been burnt down.

His father said in an interview with Fox TV, “We always think we have already purchased products, they are safe for us. According to him, the incident occurred due to excessive heat. “

Smart Phones Have Been Burnt Under The PillowThe Samsung representative said in a message, in charge of keeping up with the phone pressed Lang could not ventilate. This happened as a result. At the same time, the company said, this matter will be given instructions about the users beforehand.

But the funny thing is, Samsung has the phone and hit the pillow and the bed will change. In this regard, a Samsung representative said, “Samsung is very serious about product quality and customer satisfaction.”

The representative said, they’re trying to rescue a damaged phone, and they will look at why this phenomenon occurred. He said, “We tell all our customers to comply with the instructions given by CTIA and handling wireless batteries. Additionally, our user manuals warn customers that phones must have adequate ventilation Our user manual is called, the phone is always in the air flow. It’s the same with anything that should not be covered. “

Despite the miscues by the owner of the Samsung galaxy, Samsung to FOX

Our Texas family recently received a similar story on Reddit user should be able to hope for better service than that. Although it would have been the owner of the use of the charger and the battery while charging, claiming his Galaxy S4 was fried. Now, despite being told by Samsung will replace the broken unit, a month later, Redditor was still waiting.

Many iPhone 4 fires, especially for a woman of her “popping” and her phone charging on the nightstand next to her head during the “sizzling” woke up, claiming reported in 2011 and 2012. Recent Stories from Samsung, the Colorado women’s cross-country trip with her in a hotel room during the incident, as a result, Apple replaced the unit without any of the “classic corporate runaround”

“So part of the recalls of the device, gadget instructions, and best safety practices for managing your electronics are constantly evolving, do your best to keep up with the list. We promise you’ll sleep better if you do.”

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