Wearing It Down: Four Perfect Wedding Hairstyles for Flowing Locks

Every bride wants her hair to be perfect for her wedding day. Whether you have long hair or short hair, curly or straight, there is a wonderful style ideal for your wedding – you just need to find it. Many brides at the moment are choosing to wear their hair flowing and free, which can give a glorious care-free attitude to your wedding look and can also look more natural. Here are four ideas for flowing hair that will make the most of your long locks.

Wearing It Down

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1. Elegant Side Sweep

Side-swept hair is elegant and casual at the same time. This is an effective look for hair that is naturally wavy, as the side sweep can flow downwards across the forehead and finish with a flower around the ear. The rest of the hair can be kept long and flowing with curls at the back. A few tendrils across the face can add the finishing touch.

2. Whimsical Style

This is ideal for a fairy-tale wedding where there is almost a hippy vibe to the relaxed attitude of the styling. Wedding hair styles in this category are all about softness and light, so keep hair natural and add flowers for decoration. The right natural flowers for your hair will mean finding a great fake flower or enlisting the help of a good florist, such as one of those on this list from the Independent. This style choice is like a wedding in a fairy garden, so keep everything soft and care-free.

3. Half-Up, Half-Down

Wearing your hair half-up and half-down gives you the best of both worlds. The up part keeps hair off your face and lets you create an intricate style with a tiara, while the length at the back allows for softer styling with waves and layers. This look was popular at Bridal Fashion Week, as can be seen in the pictures here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/style/bridal-style-tips-from-autumn-winter-2016-bridal-fashion-week/, while other similar styles can be seen online at popular bridal sites such as Style and the Bride.

4. Waterfall

A waterfall style gives you the chance to show off your long, flowing locks. This classic style involves curls down your back and a braid across the top. Add simple decorations or sparkling jewels for extra glamour.

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