Businesses need to be in the mobile environment to be competitive

Mobile users are very social, seeking practicality and speed and are willing to try new products continually

Leila Salamant, Head of Sales of zanox, he participated yesterday in the first edition of Mobile Commerce Congress, an event organized by the magazine Ecommerce News that met in Madrid to 200 professionals in the mobile e – commerce sector.

Businesses need to be in the mobile environment to be competitiveMCommerce has become a powerful sales tool for online retailers and traditional stores. In fact, mobile technology is the fastest adoption worldwide and greatly facilitates the interaction between trade and consumer. Businesses need to be in the mobile environment to be competitive.

During the general session and round tables, experts in electronic and mobile commerce companies like Google, Showroomprive, TapTap among others, have addressed the major trends in mobile payments, the use of multiscreen by the new “connected consumers” collaboration between the online environment and physical stores, geolocation and multichannel solutions.

In his speech, Leila Salamat shared vision of zanox affiliate network to optimize mobile marketing strategies. According to the latest “Barometer zanox Mobile Performance 2013” for the period from January to July 2013, the revenue generated through mobile devices in Europe have experienced an annual increase of 126%. In addition, the average share of total revenue accumulated mobile commerce in Europe has risen from 3.9% (July 2012) to 8.5% (July 2013).

Take advantage of this exponential growth is therefore a business necessity.However, beyond developing a mobile application or adapt the corporate website for consumption from mobile devices, Leila said that “ the important thing is to give visibility to generate traffic to your site or mobile application .” Therefore, especially in the case of applications, marketing is critical to make them known and are more users who download and use your application.

The mobile marketing strategies should be integrated into the plans of the company, dedicated and continuous measurement of performance indicators (mobile traffic versus web; ratios CTR, CR and eCPM, time user interaction; areas of neglect …). One of the great advantages of the mobile environment for advertisers is the ability to greatly accurate segmentation, both devices used as locations or application usage. Also, the results can be optimized through offers such as downloads, social recommendations, activities within applications or campaigns Click 2 call .

Mobile users are very social, seeking practicality and speed and are willing to try new products continuously. Leila advised that applications and mobile sites are friendly, simple and “fun”. The content should always be adapted to the screen and both registration processes / sale as payment must be as simple and transparent as possible.

“The mobile marketing strategy must be continually open to change. The more dynamic and adaptable we are, the more we will come closer to the needs of new mobile consumers. Also, do not forget to connect to the offline world, drawing on the resources of the physical stores, “said Leila.

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