To what extent companies are concerned about retaining customers?

We have heard repeatedly that costs a lot more to get a new customer than to keep existing ones. In this case, the Pareto law is fully applicable.

Therefore, it is worth working to improve the satisfaction of our customers, and thus keep them on our side. The infographic of Sparked indicates that simply improve 5% retention rate of our customers, we would be able to increase company profits 95% Interesting, right? As we continue delving into this topic.

It has been much speculation regarding customer retention. On the one hand, it is considered simply a mistake, at most two by the company to lose the customer forever. It is true that customers are increasingly demanding, and their expectations have reached very high levels.

To what extent companies are concerned about retaining customersHence the need for the company to show its concern for the customer, take one, always willing to help and improve the customer experience accessible position. Thus, any problem, will be able to react in a timely manner, thereby alleviating the consequences, and avoiding the most of the customer will suffer by adverse circumstances.

In fact, timely intervention can avoid unnecessary complications, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the company as well as concern for the welfare of its customers. This will reaffirm the feeling of belonging to the brand, and will return a specific problem in a fully satisfactory experience.

This predisposition to customer care can not be reduced by one point or spontaneous action, but must be part of a careful strategy customer. In it, they should be considered possible complicated situations, study real cases and design patterns of action for each circumstance. If we know in advance the problem, and are prepared to intervene with him, we will be won for the customer. It would still be better to work to eradicate it completely.

Not enough to monitor the waters are calm, as far as customer experience is concerned, but must stay alert and even be proactive. We need to know the degree of customer satisfaction, opinions and experiences and encourage them to participate with suggestions and comments. This will be shortened the distance between the two worlds, and strengthen the bond that links them to the brand. If customers feel involved, if they are considered part of the organization, they will act as such, and even presume it before his peers.

The fact of having the right tools, does not guarantee a satisfactory customer experience. Behind the tools must have qualified professionals, really conscious about the role they represent and committed to the organization. No machine or automated system can never convey human values.

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