How companies can react to recover dissatisfied customers

Companies have in the loss of its consumers one of its main problems may seem obvious, but the truth is that a problem in which much remains to be done and a long journey to get around this situation. There are many reasons why the customers are angry with businesses and brands. Eternal waiting, vendors are untrained and do not fulfill the promises made are some of the reasons that make customers feel angry (sometimes even ripped off) and become dissatisfied customers.

The consequences of this loss of customers has, of course, an effect on the economy of the firm. Only in the United States are lost annually 537,000 million for consumer unhappiness. But also dissatisfied customers are a time bomb because they are more than willing to revenge. So are there any way to recover those lost and unhappy customers to the brand and re-convert them into enthusiastic consumers of it?

How companies can react to recover dissatisfied customersIt is a complex path, which requires a lot of effort, but not impossible. Companies should only follow certain recommendations:

The first step to recover dissatisfied customers who have abandoned the company is able to say sorry. It might seem a recommendation from self -help book or story about love in some well – intentioned magazine, but the fact is that is the key to win back those who have left a mark step. The company must take what you have done wrong, recognize therefore that mistake and apologize to the consumer so done.

To apologize need to know what has been done wrong. The company must study what went wrong in your relationship with your customers and that was what made them unhappy. It is not just to know why it is asking for forgiveness but also to discover the exact point where the relationship between brand and consumer broke. Once you locate the fault, the future will be easier. The company may change the mistakes and, so to speak, be amended. It did not work not happen again and consumers will no longer stumble again with the same reason to hate the brand.

One of the best ways to find out where the mistakes are and to amend them is also one of the tools that will make consumers regain confidence in the brand. On the way to improve the image of the brand and get recover the lost customer, you have to show them that in the near future are going to listen. That is, the brand must implement simple and easy ways to use that allow the customer to review. But not only is that they speak, the mark must show that you are attentive and ignoring customers.

Therefore, it is not only respond to speak or give Twitter I like the comments left on Facebook. We must be more ambitious. For Dell is the example that always works to explain this point. The company lived a few years ago is known as Dell Hell, when criticism of its products became our daily bread on the Internet. Dell decided to take the bull by the horns and opened forums and joined staff to hear and address those criticisms. Starbucks, another example of how much for what may serve listen to customers, has a forum in which consumers can say things that we like and propose solutions or directly offer suggestions on what they would like to see in stores of the chain. The network of cafes not only encourages your customers speak, but also listen to them and incorporate some of their suggestions.

And, once a brand arises recover dissatisfied customers, you have to investigate what gives them the mark has taken. When customers leave a mark, sick of it, that does not mean that they will stop using that product or service. Simply they go to the competition. What did that competition to seduce? I know it can play with the same weapons and give consumers improved even what version is having now with the other, but with the abandoned mark.

After study, analyze and compare no choice but to improve the treatment given to consumers to get them back. Not matter all efforts if the dissatisfied consumer will find the same deal that made him unhappy in a first time in his return to the company.

Therefore, retrain employees of the brand is a vital not to make the same mistakes element. They – especially when they work directly in customer service – they are the brand ambassadors and those who may – or not improve the perception consumers have of the company. You have to explain things that do not work (and investigate whether their working conditions will not be the end what cause the error: how can a service customer be efficient if workers work with draconian rules on time?) And teach the new guidelines not to repeat them.

All these steps are not enough often to break the ice again between the consumer and the brand. The company should offer compensation and benefits to the customer dissatisfied to test their products and services again. A gift is always a way to get the consumer’s attention and make you feel open to think his return again to the rank of consumers of the brand.

While, yes, the approach to the dissatisfied customer must be delicate : do not try to sell anything the first time . It is best to try before washing the face of the brand, make the consumer starts to perceive that it has changed and improved, before jumping directly to cash. With that little prior effort to convince of the benefits of return will be much easier.

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