Departments of Marketing and Technology, condemned to understand

Obviously, the purpose of every business is to sell, though this objective should not be pursued at all costs, imposed on such basic principles today, with is the analysis of customer behavior, identifying needs and designing strategies tailored to these data, optimized around a specific goal and fleeing the indiscriminate firing of impacts.

To this end, the marketing department has a great ally, also within the organization itself, is the area of technology, responsible for analyzing the habits and needs of customers, study trends and extract these valuable findings that will help responsible for designing effective marketing campaigns and specifically designed to meet the needs of your target audience.

Departments of Marketing and Technology, condemned to understandHowever, there is still fluid communication nor real will of rapprochement between the departments of marketing and technology enterprises. The study published in April by the CMO Concil indicated that only 12% of executives recognized a “total rapport and alignment” between these areas of the company. Because of this, only 29% of companies is able to leverage information and results of data analysis to optimize your marketing strategy, developing a customer-centric culture.

Digital marketing development necessarily requires the integration of marketing techniques to the areas of research, analysis and development. Thus, it is possible to plan strategies based on the conclusions drawn from data analysis; measure results and optimize actions. This necessarily entails a joint effort and truly integrated in all areas.

Users demand information related to their interests and respond positively to those offers and proposals tailored to their specific needs. Moreover, full reject those impersonal messages, which only get the rejection by the recipient. Thanks to the work of IT, marketers can learn best practices, and thus focus their actions only in segments previously identified only at the right time, thereby saving efforts and improving outcomes.

The Big socio-demographic Data provides high-value data and a record of user behavior, essential to better understand their interests and determine the effectiveness of online marketing strategy. The study data allows to know these interests, analyze the behavior of the target audience and launch a personalized message with an offer directly intended for him, considering whether it is male or more suitable woman, your purchase history, the day and time to get the message, or the type of content that interests you. This is achieved based on the identification of profiles that allow customization design criteria; tasks of technology and innovation area.

Information is power, and companies have the ability to manage it; you only need to do it properly and put it together for the benefit of the organization. To do this, companies already have at their disposal the right tools, which allow to extract data, analyze it in real time and to optimize the strategy and actions. Big Data is becoming increasingly important for the marketing time, before the permanent stalking ROI, which should make them turn their eyes around the area of information and technology, more and more frequently.

It is only a question of orchestrating the various departments involved in the process. Especially IT, which it provides information and marketing, who must learn to apply it. This is only possible thanks to a constant flow of communication and information exchange in both directions, so that there is a sharing of needs, identifying problems and proposing solutions.

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