6 Essential Practices you cannot forget the social media strategy

Social networks have become a useful tool for reaching the target audience. This has led brands to focus on these channels 2.0. An activity that do not always get the desired results. Wildfire infographics includes the basic and essential to optimize the strategy of Social Media and act in a professional manner on social networks premises.

Earmark a portion of the digital budget and branding actions of Social Media. 3 out of 4 companies acknowledge having positive results on social networks from the application of these resources in the areas of digital and branding; thereby achieving further the objectives of the strategy.

6 Essential Practices you can not forget the social media strategyHaving external resources. According Wildfire, 65% of companies who claim positive results following its Social Media strategy include external to strengthen their own department agencies. These organizations combine their internal resources with these companies in order to focus on innovation and creativity in its strategy.

Develop different actions for each brand. Each brand has its own personality, attributes and characteristics. Therefore you need its own strategy and exclusive to it. 60% of companies are satisfied with their results in social networks has several initiatives for each brand. In contrast, 43% of the brands that confesses not obtain the desired impact on Social Media applies the same actions in various brands.

Clearly establish measurable objectives. The effectiveness of a strategy on social networks can be measured. As long as the key indicators to assess the evolution of the actions identified. Therefore, companies must be aware of how social networks can help them boost their business and to design actions to achieve your goal. The purpose of a social media strategy can not be reduced to get fans, or “being for being” but is a tool to generate engagement, derived traffic to the web, or get leads, among others. 44% of firms identifying these objectives directed toward them properly and their strategy succeeds in obtaining a positive impact with their actions.

The activity on social networks can be measured. There are tools that allow you to record quantitatively the actions derived from activity on Social Media. 65% of companies use a web analytic program, 71% use the measurement tools of social marketing; while 56% combined use of both.

Develop a multichannel activity across multiple platforms. Wildfire data indicate that companies that are present in 5 Social networks perform better than those that are only 2. It is true that users use various social networks, however, the strategy should be adjusted depending on the available budget. It would be advisable to develop a strategy as comprehensive as possible, in order to get great coverage, but over quantity, always premium quality, and ability to manage an adequate presence online in the selected channels.

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