Live tweets not only the Community Manager

Analyzing the responsibilities that are linked to the position of Community Manager and the way in which Community Managers must achieve team cohesion to meet the commitments, it is impossible to think that the actions of a Community Manager Professional can be measured only in regarding the number of tweets accumulated.

Quite the opposite of what advocates maintain traditional media, anchored to the times in which the control of information represented a plus of power, information is now freely available. It is managing it, targeted actions to make an impact and the ability to build solid long-term bonds, which adds up influences and accumulating apostles, which allow the Community Manager podium place new leadership.

A professional real world, and hyper specialized expert

Virtual and physical presence, pro-activity, empathy and courage, a Community Manager is a professional present and, increasingly necessary in the new business culture where compliance policies but does exponentially increase innovation associated with the group.

woman and business strategyBrands seeking customer experience, from the “internal”

Brands looking to outsource actions through social media professionals with their own influence to attach to the brand as apostles, so social media strategies, are relegated to the background.

This is a big mistake because a Community Manager is now a professional for that strategy is the gateway to innovation and creativity all in community, for more efficiency.

Community Manager = brand ambassador

The key to the Community Manager exercises variable that eliminates gaps between the real and virtual worlds as well as thread between customers and the brand lies in having an individual influence that is created or destroyed, depending the degree of commitment acquired.

Knowing the market, brand and customers, the social cycle in which “transmit” is the essence of “emotion” are too complex actions to believe that a Community Manager is only an accumulator fans or dispenser tweets.

The figure of the Community Manager is the integration of both worlds their ultimate challenge, away from the side linked to professional context and emerge as an indispensable element in the new universe of networkers looking for satisfaction and needs to fulfill.

More than a dispenser of tweets brand ambassador will the end of the profession as such? Will we see the evolution of Community manager and we will face makes finding your clients champion their best managers?

Only time will tell, but the everyday scene customer recommending their networks to a trade where it is physically located from your tablet, while analyzing with magnifying our actions networking, it makes us think that the evolution of Community Manager has only to start.

Today, we are all Community Mangers! this is how we form our influence right? “Experiences and relationships strong,” much more than accumulation of tweets.

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