This year marks allocated 40% more advertising on Social Media

Advertising investment in Social Media has exploded. Users are in social networks, and brands are not willing to pass up the opportunity to impact them with your ads.

According to BI Intelligence, this year in the US alone companies will earmark 8.5 billion compared to 6.1 billion invested in 2013.

An amount not only go to recruitment advertising, but companies are planning to work even optimize the performance of your investment. Therefore, they will spend more resources to have better tools, as well as analysis and professional management of their campaigns. Moreover, advertising on mobile devices will play an important role in the strategy, along with the focus on social platforms programmatic buying.

This year marks allocated 40% more advertising on Social MediaThe report shows that this commitment to the Social Media as an advertising medium will continue to increase over the next 5 years, with an average annual growth of 18% to reach 14 billion dollars of investment in 2018.

In this development of advertising in support 2.0, mobile devices will significantly increase its presence, up to overtake desktop. BI Intelligence estimates that in 2018, 2 out of 3 ads on social media will be displayed on mobile devices, which implies more than 9 ml billion (9.1) investment.

For its part, also lives programmatic buying their particular swing. The data from the report show an increase of 150% in programmatic buying social ads on Facebook in the second quarter; only considering advertisers Ignition One.

The study also aims to be realistic, recognizing the effectiveness and progress of current social platforms showing ads on your environment. For example, Facebook is not likely to increase the amount of advertising that shows users, so advertisers will look on other channels 2.0, such as Instagram or Pinterest.

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