Four Hot SEO Topics in 2016

Search engine optimisation is changing rapidly, and businesses need to keep up with these changes to make sure that they’re reaching their customers and potential customers. Here are some of the changes that are expected to make an impact on how people search in 2016.

Four Hot SEO Topics in 2016
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Local Searches Will Get More Local

People are increasingly using mobile devices (with location enabled) to search for businesses, and “local searches” are becoming the norm. This trend looks set to continue so that not just the city but even the street where a search is conducted will be reflected in the results. You can consult an SEO agency to find out how to make this trend work in your favour.


Actually, this is already happening. “Mobilegeddon” took place in 2015, meaning that sites which are not mobile-friendly are penalised and appear lower down the list of search results. Your site needs to be responsive to reflect the fact that mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches in some parts of the world.

Digital Assistants

Not only are people searching using their mobiles, but they are increasingly using digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana to help them do so. Spoken-word searches are very different to searches typed on a keyboard, and they require different strategies to ensure that you’re still top of the search results list. You can contact a Gloucester SEO agency like Digi-tel in order to get help from the experts.

Include Video

Including video on your site is a great idea anyway – users find it interesting and engaging, and increasingly they expect it. A site without video is beginning to look rather old-fashioned, which is not the impression you want to give. But video is also becoming more relevant to SEO, as this article points out in some detail:

Nobody can predict the future, but you can keep up to date with the present. Looking at what has been popular and successful recently, and at the latest technological innovations, can help your company show up in all the right searches. For more information about recent trends, you could look at this article:

2016 will no doubt see all sorts of surprises in the digital marketing world, but these can be turned to your advantage if you try.

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