40% of users think that makes social networks just want to sell

As the chorus of a song, it does not stop repeating that young people are leaving Facebook to address other social networks that arouse more interest to them. So Mark Zuckerberg himself has confirmed its investors a decrease in teenage users, partly escape the control of their parents.

Young people who are on Facebook or Instagram have become immune to advertising, who does not block ads on their profiles are not aware of them.They are a lost cause for advertising on social networks? Perhaps for advertising as advertisers conceive themselves.

40% of users think that makes social networks just want to sellAccording to a new study Social Chorus, escapism only 6% of respondents millennials find credible online advertising. In addition 83% of them feel that the ads negatively impact the social networking experience.Specifically, ads on Facebook go unnoticed and many users are not even aware of their messages. The data are eloquent and require companies to seek other ways to engage more attractive a target anesthetized for traditional advertising.

The most significant fact is perhaps revealing that 40% of users think that the brands on social networks just want to sell and do not show any interest in talking to them and also to 4 in 10 millennials do not like to follow company profiles on social networks (Concentric).

His bar for an ad is considered attractive is quite high, much more than what brands are aware, according to Greg Shove, CEO of Social Chorus. In his opinion, the marks should more carefully about the type of messages that launch, and think whether you really going to be accepted by its target, whether it will be a content cool or otherwise will be unduly intrusive and will never be shared . After all, 95% of users in this age group relies on information from friends and 91% would consider buying a product if a friend has recommended it .

Young people want to be heard. They have grown up in the era of Internet and social networks and are not so used to the old monologues companies as previous generations. Communication and want to experience more personalized shopping and brands have to show they are on the other side, listening. In short, what the study found is that Millennials connect better with brands that make them share their actions, take into account their views and seeking a long-term commitment with them.

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