Panda and Penguin: Google’s Ongoing Algorithm Updates

Google may have chosen to endow two of its most significant search algorithms with cutesy names, but for many webmasters and SEO specialists there is still a lot to worry about when it comes to Panda and Penguin. Released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, both have had a massive impact on the way sites operate and many businesses have had to seek the assistance of website designers in Cheltenham, Leeds, London and across the country to help overcome any ranking penalties caused by them.


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While Panda targets the richness and relevance of content on a site and Penguin focuses on the quality of links, it’s necessary to adapt SEO strategies to account for the impact of both, while also focusing on the regular updates which are being rolled out by Google’s search team.

Penguin Gets Real

It is now expected that Google will be making the next significant update to Penguin before the end of the year. Additionally, it has been confirmed that the algorithm is intended to offer real-time adjustments to ranking based on links.

If Google is successful and Penguin does manage to operate in real-time in the near future, then sites will not have to sit around and wait for linking adjustments they have made to take effect. In theory this could make it much easier to recover from a ranking penalty doled out as a result of poor linking practices.

Of course understanding the ins and outs of link building for the purposes of SEO in a post-Penguin world can be difficult, so many choose to consult firms like or others in regards to their business needs.

Panda Rolls On

Panda is a different beast to Penguin and began to arrive in its latest iteration earlier this year, with Google planning to stagger the rollout and keep the update moving over the course of many months. According to the latest reports this is still occurring, meaning that some sites have yet to feel the impact of Panda 4.2.

The immediacy of Penguin’s forthcoming update contrasts starkly with the gradual impact that Panda is having. In both cases however, it is important for businesses with websites they rely on for sales and growth to take notice of any changes that Google makes so that pages can be optimised to cope in the future.


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