Going Mobile: The Future of Search and SEO

If you believe the hype then social media is the hottest online trend of the past decade and will be more important to businesses than any other channel for the foreseeable future. As a result many more business are opting to consult with London website design firms and others nationwide to help to build a following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.


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However, the reality is that less than a tenth of consumers actively turn to social media services to research and buy products.

This means the best way to generate traffic and ultimately convert this into sales growth is to focus on search engine optimisation (SEO).

The search market is not static and has been heavily influenced in recent years by the rise of smartphones and tablets. In turn this has resulted in rapid changes in the way that London website design by British Websites and others across the country is carried out, to ensure that mobile visitors can access the same services as easily as desktop users.

But what are the factors of increased mobile dominance that impact the way search is enacted by modern consumers and how can companies use SEO effectively as the future of the industry settles firmly in the portable camp?

Hardware Challenges

The key difference between desktop and mobile is not just portability, but also the interface which is available to cater to the needs of users. Even Google is dealing with the fact that a five inch touchscreen is a trickier place to display all the necessary information and interface elements than a 15 to 30 inch monitor.

In terms of SEO, the need to create succinct and impactful page titles and descriptive, engaging meta tags has never been greater. This is all the more important because the size of the screen means that fewer results are visible to users and netting the top spot on SERPs for target keywords is especially crucial.

Diverse Future

Businesses running websites which hope to achieve a solid search rank must also look at how the market will continue to evolve in the future.

The rise of things like image search and voice search mean that there are opportunities for new types of exposure and engagement – and early adopters and adapters will be in the best position to profit.

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