Keys to navigate safely on the Net

When browsing the Network of networks have to act cautiously, taking security measures appropriate to avoid complications such as loss of speed on our computer, theft of our identity or deterioration of protection in our transactions, either form of transfer or charge card.

Create methods, procedures and standards to achieve identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in information and physical equipment such as computers themselves can be one of the priorities of security. All precautions we can take to protect all the elements of the network as infrastructure and information, the most affected by hackers, are welcome to operate safely on the Internet.

Keys to navigate safely on the NetMeasures to operate safely on the Net

There are very many measures you can consider to protect you while you surf. On the one hand, we recommend checking the reliability of every page you visit, especially if you provide personal data when registering as a user on them. Confirms the identity of the owner of the page. To achieve this, you just check that the address bar on the browser used is green.

Similarly, when creating passwords, you should not always use it and prevent the introduction of significant data as may be birth dates, names of family or place of residence. To make your passwords safer combines numbers, letters and other characters such as dots or dashes. When operating with financial institutions, it is recommended not share your passwords with anyone and you avoid that anyone can see them.

It is also advisable to keep your system, for which you will have to configure the automatic tool updates to your operating system to regularly check for new updates to include.

Do not hesitate to configure the firewall and antivirus. The firewall manages the flow of data input and output, avoiding all kinds of unwanted access. Meanwhile, programs like antivirus help detect and remove all viruses that attack your system.

Regarding the suspect mails that arrive in your inbox, it is advisable not to respond nor click on links in messages. If you’re going to send the same message to different recipient’s serviette blind copy or, on the contrary, everyone can see the addresses of others. It would also be interesting to perform backups periodically, keeping external media files that are most relevant.

It is advisable to avoid the implementation of operations on public computers or connected to a public Wi-Fi network. You must not forget the known cases of online fraud such as phishing , through which a third party can impersonate a bank via e – mail, imitating even the smallest detail their logos and ways of proceeding to ask you pass codes or credit card number.

Economically, we recommend you rely on the services of a secure entity. In general, any entity will ask key so you can make your operations. Even in order to strengthen your security, in certain situations, they may ask you a code sent by SMS to your phone when undertaking certain movements such as transfers or purchases. Nor would inconsiderable sure your financial institution will send a notification when a prominent place in your account or card movement occurs.

If you have any doubt, it is best to not carry out the operation in question for increased security.

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