How to Get Your Catering Business Recognised

Whatever the type of catering business you are involved in, building up a good reputation and turning it into a success is very important. Here we look at some ways that you can give your business the kick-start it needs to ensure that it is successful for years to come.

How to Get Your Catering Business Recognised

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Shows and Exhibitions

A good way to get your business recognised is to exhibit at one of the many trade shows that are aimed at those who work in the food, hospitality and catering industries. Shows such as the IFEX Trade Show in Northern Ireland which takes place in March 2016 as well as the Hotel and Catering Show and the Hospitality Show that take place in England are a very important showcase for businesses who operate in the catering and hospitality industry.

Local and National Press

Using the local press is a great way to get your business recognised. Invite reporters to come and sample your offerings and write reviews, or hold special evenings which could provide the press with a good publicity story about your business. As your business grows then there is also the possibility of it coming to the attention of the national press or at least one of the journals for the catering industry. The Caterer is running a survey to find the best places to work in hospitality, according to employees and has published some tips for how you can maximise the rating that your employees give your business.


As well as exhibiting at trade shows and using the regional and national press to get your business recognised, one of the other ways that you can ensure that your business succeeds is to invest in decent premises, equipment and staff. Investing in equipment such as cookware, cold storage solutions, commercial warewashers and ovens will always be money well spent. Most suppliers like 247cateringsupplies and others may be able to offer some degree of instruction regarding new equipment. In addition, providing adequate training for staff as well as having premises which are fit for purpose and suit your business mean that the investment will be worthwhile.

Hopefully this has shown that there are many things you can do to ensure that your business receives the recognition it deserves, and which will help your business to give you the success that you deserve.

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