The Problems Caused by Poor Posture in the Office

One of the biggest long term health problems that people in the UK suffer from is back pain. There are many reasons why someone might suffer from back pain, but one of the biggest and most avoidable causes is poor posture.

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For many people who work in an office this is not something that they give a lot of thought too and consider it a relatively risk-free job but looking after your back now and correcting poor posture could save you a lot of health problems in the future.


People who suffer from back problems can visit places such as this Chiropractor Dublin based Chiropractix for help but poor posture can also cause other problems alongside back pain…


Headaches – One of the most common effects of poor posture are tension headaches. When the back is in a bad position this can also cause problems for the neck and shoulders which leads to tension headaches.

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Digestion Problems – If you are slumped over a screen in a bad position, this puts pressure on the digestive system, particularly the intestines which can then suffer from blockages and slow digestion.


Blood Flow Problems – It is important to take regular breaks from the desk to help your blood vessels as poor posture can result in blockages in the blood vessels and poor circulation, in some cases sitting still for too long can lead to more serious health problems such as deep vein thrombosis.

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