What is brand strategy.

Brand Strategy is an umbrella term for a number of things, each with their own (often very different) definition and place in the marketing hierarchy. What exactly is a Brand Strategy Agency? There’s a fair amount of confusion around what exactly a brand strategy agency really is, and this muddiness has unfortunately resulted in a fair amount of distrust in creative agencies altogether. And why shouldn’t it be?

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A brand strategy agency such as Really Helpful Marketing has many highly skilled agencies that do indeed produce excellent business strategies, a good brand strategy agency is much more. An agency should first and foremost focus on the goals of its clients, both short and long term. This means having a clear understanding of the business and what its clients are trying to achieve. From here the brand strategy agency will then work to create plans of action based on that information – from a tactical plan outlining specific milestones, to building and implementing an execution plan, to assessing whether the plan is achieving the desired results.

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The most effective brand strategy agencies will work in close collaboration with the clients and help them achieve their business strategies. They will help create action plans to achieve the set goals, using all available data and expertise. The brand leadership team should ideally be made up of people who have relevant experience in your field of business, with strong leadership skills, an interest in and understanding of your industry and the issues your business faces. A good agency will also take the time to understand the challenges and opportunities facing your company, while keeping the clients’ and customer’s interests in mind.


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