Things to consider when planning your office space

Creating a nice working environment for everyone is key to keeping staff morale and productivity high. If employees feel happy and comfortable in their surroundings, they will feel happier coming into work and will feel valued. One of the best ways to ensure that you make the most of your office space and create an environment that fits with your company value and business sector is to install quality furniture and Office Chairs Gloucester. Go to for more information.

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There are a couple of important factors that everyone should consider when moving into an office or perhaps having a move around in their existing one. These include:

Access to natural light

Natural light is better for us than fluorescent as our eyes are designed to adjust along with the suitable changes of natural light. It can be difficult, especially during the darker autumn and winter months to see well in natural light but even just a small amount of natural light can help to improve your mood and will help with less strain on your eyes.

When redesigning your office layout you should also think about the glare that light may have on computer screens as again this can cause unnecessary strain on the eyes. The reason light is so important is that it actually regulates melatonin levels which is what makes us feel wide awake or sleepy. Naturally in the winter when it is darker we often feel sleepier than we do in the summer when the sun is shining brightly and the light levels are higher well into the evening.

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Space for everyone

Making sure that everyone has enough space to move around and sit comfortably at their desks is also important and if staff members are constantly having to squeeze past filing cabinets and piles of papers to get to their desk, it is hard not to have this affecting your mood. It is also important for staff members to feel like their desk space is their own.

Nothing is more annoying than coming into work in the morning to find someone has left papers and other items thrown all over your desk and before you can start work in the morning you have to clear them up as well as find out who they belong to. Make sure everyone has an adequate workspace and an ergonomic set up.

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