The 10 Commandments of brands in social networks

The presence in social networks is no guarantee of success for brands. But it is also true that Social Media has opened a new window of possibilities that make more efficient marketing, advertising and reputation management of brands.

1. Defining objectives

In social networks the objectives are focused not only on increasing visibility, but to achieve fusion consumer- brand, one voice … 
What better branding not you think?

What are the objectives. We delve a little deeper into this as overall concept.

  • Strategy, it is essential to establish and define the actions that will take place in each of the social profiles, only in this way can establish specific goals.
  • Vision business vision is so essential that without having it can not establish clearly defined objectives defined in the different time horizons. Action, comply with the methodology designed for each strategy constant, persevering and form lifelong learning process, is the only thing that will allow us to achieve the objectives.

The 10 Commandments of brands in social networks2. Creative and adaptable

Social networks have as main strength incitement to dialogue.

Consumers evolve through information that is acquired through dialogue and we know that, more knowledge = more opportunities.

Brands must adapt to dynamic environments and the ability to innovate to meet changing needs and interests.

It is important to achieve it, completely decouple the term innovation complexity, sometimes … in the simplest and worldly ideas, there is a successful viral campaign.

3. Passion and emotion … Utopian but necessary

It still sounds very “marketing” that say “passion must be transmitted with each action”. However, these abstract concepts can also be grounded.

We must believe in what we do, we believe it is possible, we believe that we work with “quality” must believe (and shaping) a good team, we must convey confidence because we do what we say.

Only then we convince those who believe the same as us, the customer-brand, merging is closer.

4. Emotion before Business

There are two concepts should not be confused; branding and reputation.In social networks the big goal is championing our fans.

Relationships are therefore the focus of the interaction, social networking platforms are not indicated for direct sale, but to earn the trust of our fans.

The best way to understand the current customer-brand relationship is feeding them as friends, with perseverance, active listening, engagement, objectivity, confidence, all variables that are built on low heat.

5. Win-win, let’s be clear

Relations today are horizontal and are based on mutual benefit. Moreover, the competition is fierce, so it is essential to identify (and fast), what real value perceived by the consumer to follow our maca

Whatever the marketing strategy adopted must be transparent, the client must be clear what benefit perceived and what motivates them to promote our business, finally.

6. Customers have the information

Great this key, not surprisingly emerges as one of the most frequent mistakes in Social Media. They are consumers with their decisions, actions and interventions, that mark our goals. It is essential to hear what they want and give it to him.

7. Coherent to be reliable

Being present on multiple platforms thanks to the ubiquity enabling technology, not imply convey contradictory messages. Let us not forget that the construction and measurement of influence today is done globally;brand = a voice.

Let us be consistent (to be reliable) with our actions in each and every one of our interventions.

8.. We define metrics

It is necessary to define the type of information that interests us receive, segment the most of our daily analysis and evaluate the data that give us our reports.

9. Dialogue rather than promotion

Do they advance fast right? … Of course, they are composed of individual and unique people in constant learning process and joined efficient communities that make up a whole … Surefire! And to feed, nothing better than to leave behind the promotion.

Sure we all have seen that, upload a link to a song that evokes an emotion, generates a lot more action than promote their own content. That is the key, we need to talk, interact, provide feedback, share emotions, we all have important information to share.

10. OK reputation

All our actions affect the online reputation. Social networks also store all of the path from birth all of us. Additionally, the way we do things is what marks the added value for our brand.

Online reputation exists even decide not to participate in social media and the way we manage it, says a lot about the brand.

In short, it is necessary to create a link with the consumer to establish an interaction.

To do this, aside learned behaviors and fears of failure, it is essential to focus on what is really important:

We need to be social as the dynamics are not the same, now we have no control, we are not complete without community, without allies, without followers.

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