How I could surprise Google+ to businesses and brands?

Since the arrival of Google+, the new social network Google, much speculated about innovations, strategies and added value that this network could be integrated to address the hegemony of Facebook, its closest competitor.

Choose a social network or another can be a complex decision that is finally almost always conditioned by the practical use given, and especially the presence of networks already established contacts. In this case, Facebook seems to win by a landslide, because it is here where there are the greatest number of users and most of our ‘friends and acquaintances’.

How I could surprise Google+ to businesses and brandsHowever, despite that social networks are here to enable users to set their own networks, their business and commercial use by brands and companies is an increasingly widespread trend, to the point where it is virtually essential and mandatory for all companies wishing to increase their visibility and generate new links and relationships with users and consumers.

This is where social networks have found a vein for their business models.Beyond advertising, Groups and Company Pages have been established as a standard for business. Certainly something that Google not wanted to miss and although perhaps a bit late, very soon, perhaps in a few days, finally made public the launch of its pages and professional profiles officially.

Google has always been known for its innovation in multiple tools, services and free resources that any business or company has been able to exploit. Adwords, Gmail, Analytics, Google Reader, Google Maps, Picasa, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc … However, it seems that Google intends to make a small turn in its unique business philosophy making some of its most popular services with the launch of premium or paid versions. In fact, some of the tools and services like Analytics, already offer a premium, more flexible and powerful for businesses and web analytics experts version.

Among its improvements and innovations, we have seen how the elements and aspects related to the media and social networks begin to take on great importance in analytical systems and online measurement.

This is the way but how could Google surprised?

The arrival of Google+ companies will surely mark a before and after in the social network, and perhaps a point of reflection to begin to really assess its success and short-term future. If Google ultimately aims to bet on companies, then it should provide a differential value to businesses.

How? For example, if we consider that Accentual and given the proliferation of social networking among businesses and brands, and effectively manage their relationships, relationships with users and consumers, monitor and even manage their own online reputation are the most important and priority objectives, the launch of a CRM tool with the stamp of Google, external or integrated with its new social network, and provision of these companies could completely revolutionize the landscape of social networks.

A flexible and configurable tool for managing networks of contacts, able to perform product evaluations to consumers and share their reviews and stories, Monitor ‘to listen’ comments and opinions about products, brand, competitors, efficient Making processes to improve online reputation and brand perception efficiently segment or allow members of different circles of contacts, defining its level of brand affinity, commitment, historical, etc …

Free or Paid

First we should note that there are already many and various similar tools.So if Google pretend rapidly penetrate this market, the ideal option would be a free service that could expand the model premiun in a second stage, similar to as is currently the case with Google Analytics.

There is no doubt that a social CRM with the stamp of Google could be the most powerful tool for businesses, brands and companies. This one would be a surprise!

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