Going Back to School: Helping Kids Adjust to a New Year

School is back in session. You know longer need to drag your kids to camp, spending those hefty fees. Instead, you can get back on a normal schedule. That, though, is not always simple as many kids struggle to happily return to school. You can take measures to help them feel more comfortable with the transition. Here are three steps for making the back-to-school transition a bit easier.

Get Back Into A Routine

Did you spend all summer relaxing at the pool and watching endless reruns of Descendants 3? The late-night movie and slumber parties make for wonderful bonding time and family memories. They do not make for good school mentality, though. When school rolls around, therefore, it can be very disconcerting to leap back into a strict routine. Help your whole family out by reestablishing bedtimes and nightly rituals at least a couple of weeks before school starts. Healthy sleep patterns are helpful.

Ease Their Nerves

Anxiety is real and prevalent in today’s society. Going back into the classroom means facing social pressure and academic challenges. Psychiatrists such as Jack Wu MD have worked with patients, trying to help them cope with new surroundings or pressure. Be on alert for signs of distress. Is your child showing frustration? Is your young one crying often? Have you noticed changes in eating or sleep patterns? Maintain communication, and remind them it’s okay to face new places and people. If it continues, don’t hesitate to reach out and seek help.

Tell Them About Your Struggles

Gone are the days of your schooling, but your stories are very real. It’s important to share how you felt and how you overcame your fears. Life isn’t perfect. We’ve all tripped in the hallway and in life. Help your kiddos understand that we all make mistakes. It feels horrible when it happens, yet you moved on and it got better.

Kids may struggle when faced with new surroundings and a new teacher. During this time, be there and listen. Oh, and give a hug. It’s needed.

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