Five tips to start planning the perfect engagement party

There is nothing more exciting than the prospect of hosting your own engagement party, but there is also lots to organise! Our guide will help to get you started.

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Decide on your host

Traditionally, the hosts of the party were the bride’s parents; today, anyone can take on the role or you can allocate it to different people. If you are feeling lavish, you can even have more than one engagement party and choose a different host for each! As an example, a joint family event might be more formal and a friends-only event could be more casual. The hosts will need to send out the invites, pay for the party and make the toasts, so make sure you explain your expectations in advance!

Pick the date

Some people throw their engagement party just a few weeks after they begin wearing their diamond engagement rings, while others wait for six months or so. Don’t plan a lavish affair too soon after you have accepted a proposal, as it is well worth having some time to absorb the excitement of being engaged and enjoy it. This time will also enable you to really think about what you want from your special occasion.

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Set the budget

From wedding invites through to the ring the costs of getting engaged and then married can be very high. Set a budget and stick to it so that you can avoid the stress of overspending too early on.

Choose your venue

The rule here is to think about how formal you want your engagement party, choosing a venue that matches this. A casual event could be held in a garden or even a pub garden, while a formal event might call for a hotel rooftop or country club. Remember that your party shouldn’t upstage your plans for the wedding itself! There is nothing wrong with a dinner party at your home with home-cooked food and champagne for toasting. Your venue will also determine whether you plan a formal event where guests wear suits and Plus Size Dresses like the ones you can see at or whether you have a more informal gathering

Sort your guest list

Remember the crucial rule here – anyone you invite to your engagement party should also be invited to your wedding. Again, you will need to think about your venues and the size of the wedding guest list. Spend time planning this carefully so that you don’t miss anyone out.

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