Keeping tabs on who is in your building with a visitor management system

Keeping a record of who is in your building at any one time is essential, yet many businesses have systems that have developed organically over a period of time. These systems may include a staff signing-in book, a visitors’ book, and perhaps a separate register for contractors and part-timers.

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This is cumbersome and wastes time when you need to find out who is present and it is no wonder that many companies are starting to turn to digital sign-in systems to provide a more streamlined alternative.

The digital advantage

By using a digital sign-in system you can replace all your existing paper books with a single system. You benefit from a more professional-looking approach, better visitor and contractor management, and easier reporting on day-to-day comings and goings.

With systems such as those from, people can sign in using a self-service portal on a computer or tablet. The system automatically collects information and you can see which people visit regularly and which members of staff are off site.

This system allows you to display a customised screen to visitors with your company logo and a message of the day. You can also print off branded visitor passes. If you capture mobile phone numbers as part of the sign-in process, it is also possible to communicate with visitors via personalised SMS text messages.

Management benefits

In addition to presenting a more professional face of your company, digital sign-in systems have advantages for management. An up-to-date record of who is on site is instantly accessible in the event of an evacuation, either via a printout or on a portable device such as a tablet.

The underlying database is available for queries, which means you can easily obtain reports on staff or student attendance, see who your regular visitors are, or check the hours that contract staff spend on site. Reports can be produced on a regular or ad hoc basis to comply with particular needs. Having a system in place can also help with quality requirements, such as ISO9001.

Digital sign-in is not only for businesses but also has applications in other sectors, such as education. With many students coming and going, a digital system can make it much easier to control attendance and also helps to demonstrate compliance with security and safety requirements.

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