A designer radiator – Home Art at its best

Although they were once considered solely functional items, radiators are now increasingly becoming works of art that add style and aesthetic warmth to any room in addition to functional heat. The range of today’s radiators has greatly expanded to include bespoke and cutting-edge design features that will completely transform your living space and provide a fascinating focal point.

Could radiators ever be considered art

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Art and warmth combine

Today’s radiator ranges now include designs from artists that combine the allure of warmth with incredible art pieces. These range from coloured painted art to shaped and etched metallic creations. The scope and range is incredible and amazes customers who have never seen these types of radiators before.

The right radiator for your home

You can stick to a standard white radiator and hide it behind a radiator cover, or you can choose a tall standing aluminium radiator – perhaps one of the new wave of urban-styled radiators – and make it a central feature of your home. These tall and industrial-inspired models provide fantastic warmth and contemporary design credentials.

You’ll find them from suppliers such as Aluminium Radiators UK.

Why not choose a model that actually delivers art? These look like incredible graphic-designed art installations with bright colours, patterns and abstract designs to suit all preferences and styles. These fixtures are not immediately apparent as radiators, and their radiant warmth adds an extra depth of allure. This really is the radiator as art and a superb example of how a functional item can become something of beauty.

Of course, reclaimed and vintage radiators are also now incredibly popular and provide a wonderful designer look to a home with a vintage feel. The trick to finding the right radiator for your needs is to understand what look you are trying to create in your home and then pick the model that bests complements this.

One fantastic benefit of art-designed radiators is that they can also replace the television as the main focal point in the room! This is a huge bonus for people who are trying to arrange their living space away from the box and create a focal point that encourages conversation and gathering in a friendly, warm and engaging space.

Speak to the experts about the type of radiator you are looking for and discover the wonderful range of art-inspired heating solutions!

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