Why take a coach trip?

Travelling by coach is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and it’s easy to see why with its many benefits. Here are some top reasons why you should consider taking a trip by coach:

  • Many coach holidays are all inclusive which makes life a lot easier when it comes to carrying money. Your travel is included, as are hotel bookings which are often on a half-board basis. Tickets for attractions along the way are also normally included in the overall cost of the trip when you book. All inclusive rates offer great value and tend to be cheaper than other types of holidays. You also don’t need to factor in fuel costs when someone else is doing the driving!
  • Most coach holiday operators provide a door-to-door service, meaning you don’t need to worry about connections or meeting points. The coach driver is almost like your very own personal chauffeur and there’s also no need to concern yourself over directions, lost luggage or misplacing all those travel tickets.

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  • Modern coaches have come along way in terms of luxury and comfort. Many are fitted with air conditioning, tinted no-glare windows, seating with additional legroom and many more on-board facilities that will pleasantly surprise you. For Coach hire Gloucester, visit https://www.johndixtravel.co.uk
  • Statistically, you are 7 times safer travelling by coach than you are in a car.
  • For those who care about their carbon footprint, coach travel is also much more environmentally-friendly. A coach for 50 passengers takes up the same space as 20 cars and is six times less polluting than flying abroad on a plane. Coaches represent better emissions per passenger and less fossil fuel being consumed per passenger too.
  • With the cost of fuel always rising and the congestion in many cities, the joy of driving is a thing of the past. Coach travel lets someone else do the driving while you relax, is far cheaper than taking a train or taxi and drops you off right at your destination.

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  • There are so many stunning locations to explore in this country that you really don’t need to jet off abroad. Country breaks and city trips will allow to explore fascinating places like Bath, London, the Cotswolds, areas of natural beauty, national parks and everywhere in between. You’ll encounter countless historical points of interest, visit world-class museums, attend sporting events at iconic stadia or take in a West End show. The choices are endless with coach trips.
  • Instead of getting stressed with traffic conditions, time constraints and directions, you can sit back and chat with other passengers while your chauffeur does all the hard work for you! You won’t need to miss any of the scenery and can make the travelling as enjoyable as the destination.

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