Essentials to Take With you When Going to Events with your Horse

When you have a horse, you often will need to take it to various locations, so buying a horse box is likely to be high on your list when you are starting out with horse ownership. Whether you opt for a brand new one or go for something that is second hand and you can do some work to it yourself using trailer parts from somewhere like autoandtrailer, there are other things that are handy to have when you are away with your horse – here are a few of them…

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Lighting – Having suitable lighting can be an essential when you are staying somewhere that is quite remote and basic, or if you arrive somewhere after dark and need to get everything set up.

A Barbeque – Being away at horse events is great fun, and having a barbeque in your itinerary makes it more so! A portable barbeque can mean that you can enjoy the event with friends on the warmer evenings.

A Generator – Some sites are very basic and having a portable generator is a great way to ensure that you have power for all the essentials as well as that first cup of tea in the morning!

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Folding Table and Chairs – Being able to sit out and enjoy the weather in comfort makes everything more pleasant, so get yourself set up in style with some folding chairs and a table so you can relax whilst you are away.

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