Why people still want to receive Christmas cards

The history of Christmas cards dates back to the mid-19th century. Initially controversial, Christmas cards gained popularity as a means of festive communication, transitioning from handcrafted cards to mass-produced, commercially available designs. In today’s digital age, physical Christmas cards remain popular. Despite the rise of electronic communication, many people still appreciate the personal nature of receiving a physical card. Let’s explore the reasons why people still send cards during the holiday season.

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Personal touch

Christmas cards provide a personal way to send warm wishes to friends and family. The physical nature of a card, which is often accompanied by a handwritten message, adds a personal touch that digital greetings lack. According to a study by Hallmark, 73 percent of people still send Christmas cards.

Christmas cards serve as a thoughtful way to connect with loved ones, especially for those who may be physically distant. The effort put into selecting, writing and sending a card reflects a genuine desire to share the Christmas joy. While text messages offer a quick and convenient way to send holiday greetings, they don’t carry the same appeal as physical Christmas cards. Christmas cards are physical, tangible items that can be held, displayed, and kept as keepsakes.


While a WhatsApp message is instant, your Christmas cards can still be sent quickly. If you have missed the standard Royal Mail Christmas card deadlines, don’t panic. There are plenty of options for a same day courier Aberdeen, such as https://allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier/aberdeen/. Same-day delivery ensures a fast and reliable means of delivering your heartfelt messages.

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Christmas cards often allow for more personalisation, including handwritten messages, signatures, and even family photos. This customisation imparts a unique touch, making the card stand out and creating a special keepsake.

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