Who is responsible for first aid at work?

First aid is given to casualties before qualified medical assistance arrives. There need to be trained people in the workplace who can give colleagues basic aid.

Evaluating First Aid Needs

UNISON states that legally, UK employers are required to arrange workplace first aid.

No matter how injuries happen, all employees should obtain instant medical attention and, if needed, have an ambulance called. Proper first-aid tools and trained first-aiders need to be ready at a moment’s notice.

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All UK employers need to evaluate their first aid needs. This helps assess how many first-aiders are required, along with any necessary training.

First aid training should ensure that providers are confident in handling first aid duties.

First aid assessments include:

– If an appointed first aider is necessary,
– The size of the company,
– Any past illnesses or accidents,
– Working hours,
– The distance to emergency services,
– Possible workplace dangers and hazards.

Training First-Aiders

First-aiders should have an EFAW (Emergency First Aid At Work) or FAW (First Aid At Work) certificate. Employers can find certified training in first aid at work in Cheltenham and other UK areas.

Certified first aid at work Cheltenham courses cover several injury topics. These equip first aiders with the knowledge to assist casualties until professional aid arrives.

Workplaces with greater hazards, like exposed machinery, chemicals, or small spaces, will have more first aid needs. In this case, employers must ensure the following:

– More certified first-aiders,
– Extra training for first-aiders to handle injuries from specific hazards,
– More first-aid tools and rooms,
– Emergency services are notified when dangerous elements are in operation.

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Employers must work with employees to sustain a strong first-aid scheme, as this increases everyone’s safety in the workplace.

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