Four reasons why spinning can be a good option to start taking care of yourself

One of the activities that are most popular in all gyms is, without a doubt, spinning. A sport that has reached a large number of followers and requires a complete effort always accompanied by fun.

If you are one of those who do not yet know what kind of exercise class can help you in your goal or you are not clear with what physical activity to start, today we give you four reasons why spinning can be a good option to start taking care of yourself.

As we all know, spinning is an activity that usually takes place in a group, in a closed room and with the accompaniment of a monitor that directs the cadence and intensity of pedaling to follow on the static bike to the rhythm of the music.

A type of aerobic exercise in which the intensity and demand of effort is modified to achieve effective results both in the short and long term. If you have not yet decided to try it, today we tell you some of the reasons why spinning can be a good option to start a more active and healthy life.

Four reasons to start spinning

A constant physical work that strengthens the cardiovascular system while strengthening bone tissue and muscles

  • Physical benefits of spinning: this modality represents a good cardiovascular alternative with which to start practicing exercise. Being an activity that can be performed at low impact, it represents a perfect option for people suffering from joint ailments or who have restricted the practice of other activities that can produce some wear on the ankles or knees. A quality that at the same time can be very beneficial to prevent the appearance of injuries.
    In addition to these benefits, the smooth and progressive practice of spinning is a positive factor for those who suffer from circulatory problems, both occasional and chronic.
  • Physical effects of spinning : spinning training basically focuses on strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks, that is, the lower body, but the reality is that the overall physical work involved involves much more.
    If the spinning session is done correctly, both postural and pedaling, and varying intensity and strength, the effort will also involve additional work on calves, abdominal muscles and arm; without forgetting a strengthening of the back thanks to the work of lats, lumbar and trapeze.

    A perfect option that allows varying ranges of strength and endurance to improve muscle tone while burning calories
  • Who can practice spinning : spinning is an activity aimed at all types of people and in all age groups. The diversity of physical effort it provides, choosing the type of class or the optimal intensity for each person, makes everyone eligible for a training suitable for their needs and that can range from gentle pedaling intensity sessions to high intensity classes.
  • Psychological benefits of spinning : in addition to the benefits and physical effects that it achieves, a spining class can provide the necessary motivation to evade stress while favoring the concentration that implies the monitoring of the pedaling cadence and the rhythm of the music.
    A fun activity that can encourage and engage in exercise while you enjoy and socialize.

What do I need to start my spinning classes?

To start practicing spinning we do not need any type of “super specialized” luggage, although, as long as we are going to practice an activity, it is advisable that it be done with the appropriate clothing to achieve a comfortable and effective session.

  • Footwear : in this case, we must pay attention to have some shoes that allow good mobility of the ankle and to avoid possible deformation of the foot at the time of pedaling.
  • Clothing : As for shorts or tights, we must use those that are intended for spinning and that have cushion protection to prevent possible chafing and discomfort with the seat.
    For the upper part only a shirt that allows the comfort and perspiration necessary for the exercise will be necessary.
  • Accessories : according to the needs of each one and always optionally, there are all kinds of sports accessories for spinning, from bands or wristbands to clean sweat and avoid slips with the handlebar, to all types of frequency monitors that facilitate control of the intensity of exercise and our heart rate.

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