Healthy ideas to take advantage of plums this season

At this time of year, plums find their best period of consumption and we can get them at a very good price and quality, so today we leave healthy ideas to take advantage of this seasonal fruit.

Properties of plums

Plums, not only have a pleasant taste between sweet and acid, but are a fruit of great nutritional value, because they have minerals like calcium and potassium, lots of fiber, phosphorus and high water content.

Healthy ideas to take advantage of plums this seasonAlso it has proven its power antioxidant due to phenolic compounds possessing well as the concentration of vitamin C and carotene that characterizes them.

Because of all this, plums have a lot to offer our body besides its pleasant taste, therefore, we can not waste them this season and for that, then we leave some ideas.

Healthy ideas for adding plums to your diet

Not only in a salad or a Macedonian can we take advantage of fresh plums , but also, as a healthy snack or fresh dessert in a hearty meal.

But in addition, we can also add plums to different dishes like the ones shown below:

  • Plum ice cream: ideal to make at home and obtain a healthier dessert than the classic commercial ice creams.
  • Crumble plum: an appropriate dish for breakfast because it has all the nutrients and energy we need to start off a busy day of activities.
  • Plum Biscuits: With very little sugar and fat we can make these cookies to accompany a snack or a weekend breakfast.
  • Fresh cream cheese tart and plums: ideal as a dessert that satisfies and contributes good nutrients besides great taste to our palate.
  • Coulis de plums: to accompany a dessert or topping for our breakfast yogurt, this coulis with great flavor and color is a healthy choice without a lot of added sugars.
  • Yellow plum cake: very easy to make, ideal as a healthy dessert that has very little amount of sugars and fats to finish a meal.

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