Helping Someone who Has a Mental Illness

There are lots of people who suffer from mental illness, and at some point, in life it happens to most people. There is a lot more understanding of mental illness nowadays – long gone are the old Victorian Institutions where people would be removed from society – with better resources, research and education courses like these mental health training courses available it is not something that is as taboo in society as it once was.

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Many of the old ideas about mental illness come from very outdated ways of thinking, as well as the way that some types of mental illness are portrayed in the media. For example, some types of mental illness can be associated with criminal behaviour, however this then can lead to people who are suffering not wanting to say anything about it, as they fear that they will be judged harshly for doing so.

When it comes to helping and supporting someone who is suffering from a mental illness, it is firstly a good idea to get all of the facts about the illness that the person is suffering from, from a professional like a doctor. There are also lots of helpful resources online, such as the Mind charity website.

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It can be hard to care for someone with a mental illness, and it is important that if you are in this position that you care for your own mental health too- find ways to take some pressure off and attend help and support groups where you can meet others going through the same thing.

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