Is it possible to buy homemade food?

Homemade food is what we always recommend health professionals when we try to improve the nutritional quality of the diet as well as reduce calories almost without perceiving such change. However, is it possible to buy homemade food? Or do we just call home made food with our own hands?

By definition, homemade food is homemade, however, many are the food shops that are promoted by the sale and elaboration of homemade food or dishes “at home” or “like those of the grandmother.” Is this possible? Can a meal bought be similar to the one made at home?

Is it possible to buy homemade foodThe “home cooked” restaurant

It is clear that a full burger is not like a home cooked meal, it can duplicate and their caloric intake, however, maybe if we throw us to buy a pasta or a meat that is included in a trade under the name of “home cooking”.

However, there are several aspects that must be considered when assessing the “home cooking” restaurant, for example, the choice of ingredients that is not in our power, how to preparing the dishes and finally, the portion or presentation Of the final product.

In a trade in the sale of food business, the choice of ingredients is based on the economy and profitability of mismoa, therefore, the quality often is detrimental to the cost and so the end result suffers.

In fact, even those restaurants that do not belong to recognized chains or are not fast food have filled calorie dishes that significantly exceed the energy recommendations for a meal of an adult.

Also in the attempt to save money, often oil when frying reuses, or added economic ingredients but palatable source of fat, sugar and / or sodium that may impair the nutritional quality of the dishes.

Similarly, they used cooking at high temperatures to shorten the time and reduce costs and that can generate carcinogens, as happens with meats.

Finally, to improve the presentation of “homemade food” many restaurants add ingredients and / or sauces that can increase the content of nutrients that are not recommended or increase the energy supply of the dishes.

In addition, the portions served in restaurants are beyond our control and judgment, so when completers and always leave empty dish, eat more to these larger portions .

All this leads us to think that the “comfort food” restaurant is very different from what we make at home with our own hands, where you can select ingredients according to our needs and decide if we want to “invest” more money in the nutritional quality of dishes. In addition, we can select methods of healthier cooking and serving individual portions and smaller to better control the amount ingested.

There is a possibility of buying homemade food

In large stores of food, in restaurants or fast food chains it is clearly not possible to buy homemade food although there promoted as such, but there is always a possibility.

That exception to the rule would give us the people who cook us alone. For example: if I buy food from an aunt or friend who cooks in my house for me and one or two other people only, their preparations will not suffer all the changes of a great restaurant. That is, on large scales cheaper ingredients are selected whose quality may be lower and also methods of quick cooking are used, but on a smaller scale all these changes may not be present and perhaps even have us the possibility to decide on Ingredients, Cooking and other aspects of food.

Then, whenever there is a possibility of buying homemade food but not in a restaurant or a retail chain =.

And always, it is best to eat and cook at home if we want to improve our diet both in quality and quantity, then we will also personally involved in the change we seek for our food.

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