Preventing Alzheimer aerobic exercise

As we all know, Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes a primary neurodegenerative disorder that usually occurs in old age. Aerobic exercise can help prevent this evil.

Those affected by this disorder experience changes in the tissue of some parts of your brain as well as a progressive loss of acetyl choline. This substance is vital for the proper functioning of the brain and is associated with learning skills, thinking and memory.

The first symptom of Alzheimer’s is memory loss. At the beginning it is imperceptible, but gradually it is becoming more evident until the point where the individual is unable to perform daily tasks is reached.

Preventing Alzheimer aerobic exerciseThere are studies that say that diet and exercise are essential to keep the brain young and fit. Precisely, exercise and prevention of Alzheimer’s is the matter that we will discuss here.

Aerobic exercise to prevent Alzheimer’s

The Jackson Laboratory in Maine, United States, managed to prove this statement. They noted that the changes that occur in the brain tissues of old mice can be alleviated by making animals run on a regular basis. Although age is the key risk for Alzheimer’s also has a direct link with the blood supply to the brain.

With this in mind, the researchers studied the changes in the brains of mice elderly and young people. To account for the sport long term, middle – aged animals running wheel was provided and their brains were analyzed once they reached old age, when the risk of Alzheimer’s is higher. Animals that did not have access to the exercise showed symptoms of cognitive loss, while those that did made got better results on tests of memory and learning.

That is why the practice of exercise is recommended, but not when one has already aged, if not when in middle age. The traditional aerobics can be a good choice. However, sometimes you do not have the time or the need to sign up for aerobics classes purchasing power.

The solution is to go for a walk or run and establish a routine for it. Walks should not be like a walk, have to have certain intensity and be accompanied by the swinging of the arms semi flexed.

At the very least we must walk, or run, for twenty minutes. Little by little we can add more time, as our bodies go adapting to this new habit. The ideal exercise frequency is at least twice a week and up to four. Yes, always alternating days.

What do you think the benefits of aerobic exercise to prevent Alzheimer’s?

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