Tips to control fungal skin infections

The skin fungal infections are skin diseases caused by fungi, which can appear at any time of life of a person and affect different areas of the body. We give you some tips to control these types of conditions.

Before entering the field, we must know that there are different types of infections: Dermatophytosis or ringworm and injuries caused by dermatophytes. The most common are ringworm of the body, head and nails, athlete’s foot, candidiasis and tinea.

Tips to control fungal skin infectionsHow to prevent fungal skin infections

Some people are more prone to suffer fungal infections. Either by genetic or environmental factors, these people have to stay more alert. But How to prevent skin mycosis the key is to maintain good hygienic conditions:

  1. You have to dry the skin, especially between the toes, when we got out of the shower or pool.
  2. Use well-ventilated footwear is very important.
  3. Avoid sharing towels and sheets
  4. Nor is it advisable to share nail clippers, nail files or nail scissors.
  5. If we are many hours with the same shoes as we have to use talcum powder or cotton socks so that the sweat is absorbed. You have to keep your feet dry.
  6. Whenever we go to have sex use condoms.
  7. Wash the genitals after having sex always good.

How to control fungal skin infections

Maybe for one reason or another we end up taking some type of skin fungal infections; it is when we went to check the same:

  1. As alerts are triggered we will go to the doctor to send us the relevant medicines and thus prevent the infection from spreading or complicated. We should not self medicate or let it pass because it could lead to a worsening of the problem.
  2. If the fungus is in the foot:
  • We’ll have to avoid closed shoes, especially in summer, and ventilate several times.
  • Do not walk barefoot through pools or gyms.
  • After the shower, concentrate on dry skin well that between fingers and uses a specific towel for this work.
  • Of course, do not share socks, shoes or towels.
  • Always wear socks and even change them at least once a day.
  1. Do not rub the skin.
  2. Wash clothes separately affected.
  3. Showering every day.

The treatment for any of these fungal infections passes through the application of an ointment to the affected area. Later or sooner just disappearing from the body. But if you have already had once that means that either have not been careful, or have some kind of predisposition to cutaneous mycoses. In our hand it is correct.

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