Highlight the eyes

Highlight the eyes is important because say it all of a person, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so share with you these tricks.

The eye shadow is a great ally to get highlights the eyes

For deep – set eyes: Use a clear eye shadow or concealer on the eyelid. This will give appearance of an eyelid lighter.

To set eyes: You can help by checking your eyebrows together as possible. Apply the dark shadows near the nose and the lighter at the end of the eye.

Highlight the eyesFor eyes together: If your eyes are together will be very flattering on plucking eyebrows with a large space between them but always watching your form. The makeup used shades of light shade near the bridge of the nose and darker towards the part external eye.

For drooping eyes: The best is a medium to dark shade. Draw a line of color from lash line to the brow. Extend it with a soft line along the eyebrow brush and onto the bridge of the nose. Just with a little shade of clear eyes in the corner of his eye to open a little more.

For prominent eyes: In some prominent eyes applying the clear shadows under the eyebrows, the shadows of middle colors across the eyelid outward and the darkest of the inner lining of the eyelid is the way you should be dressed up.

For small eyes: Extend the profile or shadow around the eye. That will get bigger. A clear eye shadow or concealer between the outer lashes opens.

To round eyes: For a round eyes using a light shade to draw on form over substance torn eyelid and apply the darker shades between the internal line of it and the eyebrow. Use the clearest between tabs and line the inner eyelid color.

Tricks and tips depending on the color of your eyes

Eyes clear: If you have blue eyes, what best you can combine is a gray, mauve or pink. To get a twist, you can apply a purple line under lower lashes.

Dark eyes: There are very seductive natural tones such as browns, blacks, almond and peach.


The role of the tabs is to prevent bacteria and foreign objects entering the eyes; so it is important to keep them firm and consistent, always using the most appropriate type of mascara.

Tips for care of eyelashes

To brighten and strengthen weak lashes each recommended apply olive oil at night before going to sleep.

To make them up look down, and with the help of a hand mirror, put the mascara from the roots to the tips; then look up, and the mirror to eye level, which should be wide open, repeat implementation, particularly in the outer corner lashes.

Place the applicator applied perpendicular and mascara on lower lashes, putting more amount in the center so that the face does not look pale.

In addition, if you have had a bad night … to hide a tired or haggard look very, very bright white shadow applied on the tear. You Thou shalt shine to your face!

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