The perfect match: wedding hair style and hair type

Every bride wants to have perfect hair on her wedding day. Whether your hair is long or short and thick or thin, there are styles that will amaze and styles that will underwhelm. Finding out which ones work for you is all about experimentation. We’ve put together our favourites for you to try out.

The perfect match

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The Low Chignon

This wedding day style is a classic for a good reason. It’s romantic and timeless and suits a wide range of hair types and face shapes. Thin hair can be twirled to give the impression of more length, while long hair can be tidied and tamed.

The low chignon is more of a croissant than a bun and is the perfect choice for showing off bare or detailed backs. You can also team it up with hair jewellery or even a tiara. For a softer look, consider adding fresh flowers, roses and Baby’s Breath.

Wear It Down

For a relaxed wedding style, loose hair is the obvious choice. There are no clips to fall out and no stray hairs to come loose. If you usually wear your hair down, you’ll already know how to make the most of it, but remember that casual hair needs casual make up. When looking for wedding makeup in Belfast, make sure your artist can complement a natural look. Ask to see a portfolio like the ones at

Half-Up, Half-Down

Although people gasped at the time, it has become an accepted formal style since Kate Middleton opted to style her hair this way for her wedding. However, this is really a style that favours thicker hair. You need a lot of hair to separate half for the top style and half for the lower style.

If you like your hair down but don’t want to go for the hippie look, this is a really good option. As Kate showed, it goes great with a sweetheart neckline but will also work well with strapless gowns.

The Beehive

This is not a style reserved only for the Rockabilly crowd. Think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s rather than Marge of The Simpsons. This is great for shorter brides who want to be seen.

Whatever style you decide on, remember to coordinate your look with your make-up for the perfect match.

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