Look after your skin with Aloe Vera Green Frog

The Aloe Vera is a plant that is used in many homemade preparations and professional cosmetics, to help you protect your skin.

Aloe Vera has numerous properties that contribute to the general welfare of the body. Brands like Green Frog use the leaf pulp of Aloe Vera to provide a range of 100% organic.

As an example, the pure Aloe Vera juice with pulp Green Frog act as natural, moisturizing and antioxidant revitalizing the skin and act as a natural anti -inflammatory moderate; but also will provide a good amount of nutrients and energy to our body.

Look after your skin with Aloe Vera Green FrogIt is important to say that the use of this plant is not a novelty in recent decades, but has been in use for thousands of years by cultures as diverse as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Roman or Egyptian.

Aloe Vera benefits for your skin

Best of all products Green Frog is integrating two important effects, taking care of our image abroad with our interior. How? Consider the benefits of using these products for skin care:

You’ll get a regeneration of the cells of your body and as a natural antioxidant will prevent aging and tissue degeneration. This action antiaging is favored by its vitamins A, B, C, D and E, among other important nutrients.

‘Sometimes the sun is taken for too long and with little protection so just burn the skin. Without forgetting that must be protected from the sun using creams with proper solar factor, once there has been a long exposure or burn, you can use creams Vera Green Dermo Bio or Vera Green Dermo Therapeutic with Aloe Vera to regenerate that burned and wear it healthy and revitalized skin as soon as possible.

-For those who have acne breakouts have great news is that the Aloe Vera, thanks to its anti – infective and moderately anti – inflammatory properties, is the perfect ally in the fight against acne, especially if the cream is used Vera GreenDermo Therapeutic with frequency.

Aloe Vera active regeneration body with collagen formation in the skin tissues, thus facilitating re-epithelialization. In addition, to revitalize the skin and moisturize it also encourages the renewal of all its layers.

Cream Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic acts on the skin of the face and neck, moisturizing, nourishing and repairing it, giving a more youthful appearance and relaxed to your face.

Scars can become a big annoyance for those who have them, especially if they are highly visible when in certain areas of the body. Cream Vera Green Dermo Therapeutic its main ingredient, Aloe Vera, along with other important components, can be helpful to treat small scars and other skin lesions

– Other chronic skin lesions such as stains, abrasions, small grooves or eruptions, can also be treated with the cream Vera Green Dermo Therapeutic and make daily maintenance on the face and neck with cream Vera Green Dermo Cosmetics.

Maybe you’ve never heard of the antibacterial properties owned by the Aloe Vera, but these qualities, along with moderately anti-inflammatory may help reduce inflammation in the gums, throat or mouth, besides favoring decreasing plaque . It will help you have a radiant smile.

-For The consumption of juices Green Frog Aloe Vera is recommended a dose of 50 to 100 ml per day, divided in one to three times daily. How do I calculate it? No problem because each bottle carries a dispenser for us to use the appropriate dose. If the taste of the juice does not like you at all, you can mix that 50 to 100 ml with water or juice.

It’s important to say that the products of Green Frog do not contain soy, lactose or gluten, so it is suitable for allergy sufferers who consume these components people.

And you, have you ever used the Aloe Vera plant to care for your skin and your image? Lograsteis expected results? Try product range Green Frog, and you can see the change!

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