Dental implants for a perfect smile

Would you like to regain the lost splendor of your smile? If you opt for dental implants, you’ll look incisors that will make you increase security in yourself. Beauty in our blog is some tips when performing this type of treatment.

Erected as an artificial substitute made from titanium, a dental implant is placed into the bone and gums of the mouth, taking the place of the root of the tooth missing piece. In order to make everything work properly, it has to produce the implant integrations in question. The latter means that give an intimate connection between the implant part to be introduced into the bone and this, being fixed and grow around the implant so it’s at all times be supported by bone tissue.

Dental implants for a perfect smileAs a means of rehabilitation in the absence of teeth, the implementation of a dental implant will occur in a number of specific cases. On the one hand, when the patient does not want to wear a conventional complete denture in the event of missing all teeth in the upper jaw, the lower or both at the same time. Moreover, it can also occur when the patient wants no rubbing their natural teeth in order to put a fixed prosthesis tooth supported.

You have to know that dental implants are not indicated for those suffering from debilitating diseases such as cardiovascular, hematologic, and metabolic or endocrine. Nor is convenient in the case of pregnant women, patients with psychiatric treatment or when there is lack of motivation on the part of the person.

The types of prostheses that can be used on an implant serve different forms as may be unitary, with a single tooth on a single implant is replaced. Next to the latter, we can also highlight the partial denture that at the time missing several teeth are replaced by placing them on several implants or complete denture, that when all the teeth of one or both jaws missing are replaced by mobile prosthesis or fixed.

You have to remember that the implants provide independent support and retention crowns, bridges and over dentures. At the same time, they reserve natural tooth structure by avoiding the need to cut the adjacent teeth for conventional bridges. Similarly, official data show that implants last longer in time than conventionalizes. The restorations if this were not enough; over dentures help improve facial contours, minimizing the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Before performing this type of treatment we recommend a number of key factors:

It is essential to choose the healthcare provider who will put our trust. You have to bear in mind that a poorly executed treatment may jeopardize our own welfare and not just limited to impair our oral cavity. If it is possible that, in addition dentist is a physician and surgeon, you will enjoy greater benefits. In clinical you will find a team of highly qualified professionals who will help you get in an effective way the expected results.

Do not forget to ask the clinic guarantee certificate implants accordingly. We refer to a document identifying each of the implants placed for batch and date of manufacture if in the future there is a problem.

The Link between the oral cavity and the rest of the body is particularly high and can affect any manipulation of the doctor to our body such as the position, having a serious impact on our neuromuscular system.

No inconsiderable would request that the available implant an antibacterial sealed to prevent irritation that may cause some bone loss.

Do you guys also have opted for dental implants? What do you think its effects?

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