8 Cancer Clinical Trial Facts Every Patient Should Know

Many cancer patients are often advised to participate in a clinical trial that tests some kind of new treatment that may help to battle their cancer. These types of clinical trials may offer new and better cancer treatments, not just for the patients involved with the study, but for patients around the world.

8 Cancer Clinical Trial Facts Every Patient Should Know

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Before deciding to contribute to a clinical trial, there are certain things you should know about first:

  1. Placebos Will NOT be Used

Whilst some clinical trials use placebos to compare and help control the research phase of the trial, those participating in cancer clinical trials will not be given a placebo. According to Everyday Health, cancer patients will be given the new treatment option of the standard treatment.

  1. Are you Eligible?

Despite the fact that it is a cancer clinical trial and you are a cancer patient, you still may not be eligible to partake. Each volunteer must meet the specific eligibility criteria as stated by the researchers. This could take factors such as cancer type, gender and age into consideration, amongst many others. This is why it is important to carry out enough research before applying to contribute to the study.

  1. You can Help Others AND Yourself

Participating in a clinical trial will help both yourself and other cancer patients suffering from the same illness as you do. You may also be introduced to a new treatment that is more effective than any existing option in the industry. By volunteering your time for a clinical trial, you are also helping researchers to develop and study new treatment options for cancer patients.

  1. You can Always Change your Mind

Many patients shy away from clinical trials because they are afraid that once they agree to it, there is no way out. However, this is far from the case. As a patient and a volunteer to the study, you have the right to opt out of the clinical trial at any stage. You don’t have to worry about changing your mind because you will not be tied to your decision in any way. You are free to leave the trial at any time and without any obligations to stay.

  1. Clinical Trials need CTA’s
Clinical Trial Assistants are necessary for clinical trials to run as smoothly as possible. They become the main contact for the clinical team, assisting with areas such as administrative tasks, project communications, managing and maintaining databases, correspondence and documentation etc. G and L Scientific guarantees that all assigned CTA’s are qualified and experience in order to provide the best service as possible.

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