Spring make-overs: what will yours be?

Just as spring is the time of year for cleaning your home, it is also a great time of year for rejuvenating your make-up and hair style for the months ahead. Here we take a look at the latest trends for hair and make-up so you can give yourself a makeover for spring.

Spring make-overs

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According to The Independent, the average woman will spend £140,000 in her lifetime on hair and cosmetics. This includes beauty products along with regular make-up or even semi permanent makeup in London. This is largely due to the fact that as the seasons change, so do styles, and women feel a certain amount of pressure to conform to the trends that they have observed from celebrities or on the catwalk.

Spring hairstyles

One of the best ways that you can find inspiration for a new hairstyle is to look at what celebrity figures are doing with their hair. According to Harpers Bazaar, hairstyles such as those sported by celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Moore are all going to be in fashion for spring. Women will also be relieved to hear that the “just got out of bed” look is back for spring, along with the trend of pulling long hair back and tying it up. Whether it is in a twist, knot, plait, braids or pigtails, these styles should also help you to achieve the “just got out of bed” look. Hair accessories will feature details such as flowers and sparkles.

Make-up for spring

The eye colour that will be most fashionable for spring is blue, and this trend was seen at all the Spring/Summer fashion shows. Long, spidery eyelashes have also seen something of a revival in recent times. In addition to long eyelashes, there is also an appetite, particularly among celebrities, for eye liner that creates a wing shape at the side of the eye. However, if you prefer your eyeliner more refined, then you could go for semi permanent makeup. There are plenty of options, such as semi permanent makeup in London by Jemma Upton. Lip colours for Spring are mainly in various shades of red.

By making even small changes to your hairstyle and make-up, you can be in fashion and follow the style for spring and beyond.

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