Keyword Research: It Mattered in 2006 and Still Matters in 2016

Google has changed its search engine algorithm many times since 2006, making some search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques practically obsolete.

Keyword Research

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Amid the cries that SEO is dead, however, keyword research still matters as much in 2016 as it did in 2006.

Not Obsolete, Just Different

Stuffing on-site content with keywords and optimising only to effect search engine rankings is no longer worthwhile. The changes to how Google rates site content, support a shift towards using keywords to produce high-quality content that is easy to find, encourages brand engagement and promotes conversion.

At its most basic, say many Newry web designers like ( and others, keywords remain one of the most important ways for potential customers to find your website. When people search for something using a search engine, they use particular keywords that will match relevant results. If your website does not include these key words or phrases, it’s unlikely to rank well and statistics show that people rarely venture beyond the first two pages of results.

The Shift to Quality Content

The updates to Google’s algorithms can support your business outcomes. According to Jill Kocher, writing for Practical ECommerce, the content on your website can increase awareness of your brand and capture potential shoppers. This extends to content on your social media, which can do the same and establish your reputation as a preferred brand.

To rank well in search engine results, the content on your site must answer the questions customers ask, giving them the peace of mind to make a purchase or take some other business-related action. It’s also become important to use keywords to improve site navigation and to tag and classify content. This not only improves user experience but also gives your site link authority, which is an important aspect of how the search engine algorithm works.

More about Links

Although Google has said that links are not as important as they used to be, links from relevant third-party sites provide another opportunity for search engines to find your website. You can explore how to use links effectively at

Guest blogging has become a common practise, ensuring that links continue to be associated with quality content. Using keywords in your social media serves as another link to your website’s content.

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