The best options to get fit this course

We are about to start the school year and after the excesses of summer, many people think about going back to exercising and getting fit. But what exercises to do or what activities to choose? There are many options to get fit, you just have to choose the one you like the most.

And, it is not necessary to go to the gym to get in shape. Today, fortunately, we can choose many activities to get fit : in a sports venue, on the street, in the natural environment and even at home. Let’s see some ideas for you to get fit with the return to the colé:

Get fit at home: it is possible

The option for those who barely have time, can not or do not want to leave home to exercise. It is clear that at home we will not be able to train a marathon, but we can do various activities to get fit, both aerobic and anaerobic.

With a few simple weights, kettlebells, rope or self-loading exercises, we have plenty of options to get fit at home. We just have to choose the exercises, set up a circuit or routine, play music and enjoy!

Try with a Crossfit box

The Crossfit is an activity that has already settled in our country. There is a Crossfit box practically in all the larger cities. It is a very complete activity and, most importantly, being part of a Crossfit box gives that feeling of belonging to a group, that you can not miss to train, something essential in terms of motivation to not abandon the exercise.

Of course, learn well about the Crossfit box to go. That the monitors are well prepared and adapt the classes to the people who arrive new. It is often said that the Crossfit is a very harmful sport, something true if the professionals who wear it only want people to take weight and do not worry about making the gesture well. First technique, then weight. I have been choosing to get in shape with Crossfit for some time now and, truthfully, I am delighted.

Train on the street or get into a Street Workout group

Although we ourselves can go to the park to train with different exercises, the ideal is to form a group so that there is more motivation. Training on the street is another way to get fit. Using the parks and their furniture to train is cheap and simple.

Yes, here you can get to miss someone to teach us how to do the exercises well. If we use simple exercises, there will be no problem, but the simple fact of doing wrong a dominated or bending can end in injury. That’s why the interesting thing is to form or join a training group in the street where there is someone who can master and know how to do things.

Choose one or several outdoor activities

For those who like nature and do not want to pay for exercise, this is the best way to get fit. Here we have many options, the most popular are: go for a run or ride and ride a bicycle. Although here also includes the option to train in the parks that we have seen before.

And, although running and riding a bike is fine, we closed ourselves a bit with repeated gestures and with little load, which is why it can be combined, for example, with outdoor power circuits.

Opt for a personal trainer

If what you want is effectiveness in training, the best option is to hire a personal trainer . Once we tell the coach our goals, he will be in charge of planning training, exercises and even feeding. Of course, a personal trainer must be paid, but as they say: “good things cost”. Here we also have the advantage that he can come home to train us or where it suits us.

There are personal trainers that make small groups and are somewhat cheaper. The issue is that having a coach we have a person who takes care of everything, guides us, motivates us and almost forces us to train , without losing sight of our objective.

Swimming, another resource to get fit

We usually forget about the pool when the summer ends but the truth is that it is a very complete option to get in shape. We can choose to swim freely, but we can also take the opportunity to sign up for a refresher course and improve our swimming technique, the unfinished business of many of us.

Also, if you have small children and you usually take them to swim, ** take advantage of that time to get yourself into the water too. ** If the children are teaching, that time you can be swimming in one of the streets of the pool or , if the pool has a gym, get in the gym to train.

Sign up for a lifetime gym

The option that most people choose, for the convenience of going to an enclosure where we have everything and we can choose between several activities. I am not a friend of gyms, but if we choose motivating activities and the staff is a good professional, a gym is effective to fulfill our purpose of getting fit.

Here the question is: what gym to choose? we have to take into account: activities that are offered, price, facilities, proximity to home, schedules and staff.

No matter how it is, the important thing is to think you want to get fit and choose those activities that you like and that are feasible for you. Do not leave it for tomorrow and start today.

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