Do you have a wastewater back up problem?

There are a number of ways that might identify that you have a drain or sewer problem either on your property or in the street area immediately outside your home. In order to deal with any issues you might want to consider contacting a Drainage Cleaning company to have the pipes cleared out.

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One of the ways that you might identify a problem is by waste water backing up either into your house or garden.

Usually, sewer backups occur in the lowest open drain, this can be the one that is located in your garden or driveway or the one immediately outside your house or building. A backup of waste water is normally activated somewhere in the line by a blockage. If you encounter a backup any time you run water into your sink or bath, since all drains rely on the main sewer line, the issue is probably with this area. However if backups are limited to a single drain, then the problem is likely to be isolated to that drain area.

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A symptom of rupture or failure of sewer lines may be daily backups. Even after cleaning the pipes, if you frequently encounter backups or plugs, you can have an underlying issue such as a tree root intrusion, cracks in the pipe, or a pipe link or misalignment problem. This can then be checked either with an excavation of the area or by using a cctv camera that can be placed down the pipes.

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