Fire protection – what does your home need?

Security in the home is not just about fitting bolts or window locks to protect you from outside risks but also about safety within the home. Ensuring that you have implemented fire safety precautions such as those supplied by Cheltenham Automist installers allows you to rest assured that should a fire break out in your property and the worst happen, the damaging effects can be minimised.

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Warning systems

It may not always be immediately obvious there is a fire until it has taken hold. By this time, evacuation may be difficult and the blaze already spread out of control. This is why an early detection and warning system is invaluable.

Many domestic properties do not have smoke alarms fitted but they are inexpensive to install and can make a huge difference to the speed with which the fire can be dealt with. Some local fire services will even come and fit them for nothing. It is usual to have at least one upstairs and one downstairs, often located in the hall or landing. Regularly test the battery to ensure that the alarm is still operational. If you accidentally burn the dinner and the alarm goes off it can be annoying, but never be tempted to remove the battery. Not only might you forget to put it back in but this can damage the alarm and cause it to stop working properly.

Protection measures

Fire blankets might seem like an outdated concept but they can be surprisingly useful and may just prevent a small fire turning into a bigger one. Modern fire blankets for the home come packed in a small box that can be attached to the side of a kitchen cupboard. Make sure that everyone in the home knows their location so the blanket can be easily accessed in the event of a fire.

If you live in a period property then sprinklers may not be practical but an Automist system such as that provided by Mainpoint fire protection can help to get a fire under control without causing too much damage to your home.

Basic precautions such as fitting an alarm to detect and warn you if a fire has broken out can make a huge difference to the speed with which a fire can be tackled, minimising the potentially devastating effects on your home.

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