Can an up-and-over garage door be repaired?

Garage doors are designed to operate smoothly, with no unsightly gaps. You should never ignore a garage door that has a gap or is not flush with the ground when it’s closed or one that feels wobbly during opening and closing.

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Springs and cables

Springs and cables are key components of garage doors, and really make themselves known if they go wrong! Breakages can make the door unbalanced, leading to a wonky, unstable door.

A wonky door can be the result of something called “jumped cables”, which is an issue where the cables become loose in the drum and begin to unwind. This can be caused by the door hitting an item during use, being operated too quickly, or simply by age.

While it’s tempting to repair this with a spot of DIY, it really isn’t advisable. It can become dangerous if you aren’t trained in how to repair your door, due to the risk of it falling if repaired incorrectly.

A specialist, such as will have the relevant knowledge and equipment to make light work of a repair. This really is one of those jobs where you’re best calling in the professionals.

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An opener that isn’t adjusted correctly can lead to your door operating unevenly and getting stuck. This can be caused by warping, as a result of age, weather, or misuse.

The best option for track care is prevention. But if things do go wrong, then you’ll need garage door repair Harrow. Call professionals in as soon as a problem presents itself, as this will make repairs quicker and easier.

Regularly inspect your tracks for dirt, debris and grime, ensuring that you do not use a lubricant or oil on them as this can impact on use. A useful guide to keeping your garage door and tracks clean can be found here:

Checking the mechanisms regularly for signs of wear and tear goes a long way to preventing issues with the tracks. Look after your up-and-over garage door correctly and it will last longer.

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