How to spring clean your engineered flooring

When your beautiful new flooring has been installed you will want to keep it looking its best. But what is the best way to go about cleaning your new floor?

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Prepare your floor

When you are getting ready to clean your floor you need to ensure that you have removed as much dirt as possible from the surface with a brush or vacuum cleaner. This will save you time and effort when getting down to the nitty gritty when cleaning and gets rid of the dust and dirt more efficiently. Once you have done this, it’s time to wash.

Choose your detergent carefully

Be careful of the type of cleaning product you use on your engineered floor. Some detergents will not be suitable for this flooring type and will damage it. Instead, you need to use a specially formulated solution for your engineered floor that has a neutral pH. Most household cleaners are too acidic, so it’s best to avoid them. Avoid polishing as it will attract dirt.

Over-soaking the floor

When cleaning your beautiful floor such as one from, make sure you don’t have too mush water on the surface. More traditional mops end up transferring too much water onto the floor, so try using a flat mop head as this will reduce the water content in the mop. Don’t use steam as it may damage the floor.

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Now that you have cleaned your floor safely, just sit back and admire it!

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