Clearing out a Garden and Prep

When it comes down to it you’re probably going to look at your garden at some point and think that it might be easier to clear the lot out and just start again. Whilst this is a laudable idea you may want to consider how you are going to get all the weeds, unwanted plant’s, useless soil and bits of lawn you want to lose for raised beds and rotting old trellis out of there. The answer is the municipal tip but unless you want to mess up your car, and possibly have lots of trips then there is always the option of a Van. Van hire Gloucester, Swindon, Cheltenham and Bristol all offer the benefits of getting it done in one job and one trip. Try to have a look at the deals.

It might seem like an absolute chore, but you will know once the job is done that that space is now yours and yours alone to sculpt into the garden you want. It’s a good idea to measure out the space that’s available, depending on how overgrown it actually is. Once you have the dimensions it’s time to start planning out what is going to go in the garden. That way, once you start hacking away, you have in mind a sense of purpose. As you rip out the weeds you can visualise what beautiful arrangement of flowers or which flourishing shrub is going to take its place.

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Let’s run through what you will need. Firstly, a stout Fork is required to leaver out the more stubborn inhabitants. Make sure that you get to he very bottom of the roots or it will grow back. Ensure that you keep a straight back and, most importantly, bend your knees. A good Rake is needed to collect and remove any of the smaller weeds on the surface. This also helps to aerate the soil ready for the plants you actually want. You will also want a lot of thick garden refuse bags to collect all the soil and rubbish to take down the tip. The people you’ve hired it from will not be happy if it comes back very dirty and full of soil.

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Try and work in sections or, if you prefer, remove all the largest plants first to give you an idea of the actual space. There is no right or wrong way at this point. Once you’ve got the weeds away and are back from the tip you can sit back with a cup of tea and take a break before phase 2. Phase two is simple. Spray everything with weed killer then cover with a membrane. This will stop them, hopefully, ever coming back. Once the weed killer is settled in you can begin to plant your garden how you want it to be.

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